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All ages and levels of experience are welcome. Dances are carefully taught by Cammy Kaynor. No prior experience is necessary.

Sit-in musicians are always welcome to play and improvise.
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Donations to support our events are voluntary and flexible.

For more information, please contact:
Campbell Kaynor, 28 Cargill St., Melrose, MA 02176, 781-665-3835 or 




A Cammy Kaynor and Family Event: Come enjoy some wonderful classical music excerpts followed by dancing. This is an annual affair where the Kaynors entertain you with a classical music concert at 7PM and then around 8 we lead dancing that spans 400 years of New England tradition from the Baroque Playford English dances to the modern day contras, with squares and couples dances as well.

The dances are easy and well-taught, and sit-in musicians can join the band. The dance is a small social event and not overly “Christmasy” except that it tries to capture the community and hope aspects of all year-end/midwinter celebrations. Even if dancing isn’t for you, joining as a community at the end of the year is always a heart-warming thing.

Cammy, with family and friends, will play music. The fun, easy, New England Folk dances will be taught and prompted so even brand new comers can do them. This is a whole-family event that everyone can enjoy. Donations to offset costs are welcome.

Note: We are insisting that everyone wear masks indoors this year. There will be some available at the entrance table.

Join us in celebrating the season with music and dancing.

Christmas Evening: 7 PM concert, followed by dancing until 10PM
Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church
70 West Emerson St., Melrose MA
Voluntary donations ($10 suggested)
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More than forty years ago, Tod Whittemore was having a hard time getting commitments for his Thursday series on Thanksgiving night so he asked Fourgone Conclusions. It made sense on a family-oriented holiday to get a family-oriented band. Although it was a 2-hour drive, we were just crazy enough to do it and continued the tradition even after Tod left the area.

After two years hiatus, we will once again host a dance at the Watertown Stone Church across from Starbucks near Watertown Square, Watertown MA. Parking is a little lot across from Starbucks. Note that everyone must wear a mask while indoors this year.

This Thanksgiving, we invite you to bring friends and family down to enjoy the vigor of the music and the pleasant company of our community.

Join our Thanksgiving tradition!

Thanksgiving Evening, 8 PM
Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church (St. John’s)
80 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown MA
Voluntary donations ($10 suggested)
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I have been involved with a nice monthly community dance in Magnolia just west of Gloucester on Cape Ann. Dancing is from 8–10:30 PM with instruction by Cammy Kaynor. Sit-in musicians are welcome.

From eight years to 80 plus, all dancers are welcome. Join us at an informal community dance and a great place to gain experience dancing and playing music in a friendly, low-key setting.

Magnolia Library Community Center
1 Lexington Avenue, Gloucester, MA
$10 donation requested
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